Source: Claire Suddath, Bloomberg, March 28, 2018 There’s an essential, frustrating truth about the gender pay gap: You can size it up or down depending on what you’d like to measure—and what you’d like to measure depends on what you think the pay gap is. Are you...2

Source: Associated Press, VOA News, February 19, 2018 A lavish, headline-grabbing premiere. Lightning word-of-mouth stoked by glowing reviews. Packed movie theaters with sold-out shows, long lines and fans decked out as characters from the film. The phenomenon of "Black Panther" had the look and feel of a classic,...2

Source: Ashley Schlag, Oath, February 7, 2018 Powerful executives took the MAKERS stage to raise their voices and drive future action Female storytelling platform and feminist media brand MAKERS announced today from The 2018 MAKERS Conference stage that over 40 prominent business leaders across industries have made pledges that will...2