Diversity and Inclusion Workshop™

Diversity and Inclusion Workshop – The game-changing benefits of D&I in the workplace are widely recognized. These benefits are within your reach through an integrated solution which transforms the traditional “piecemeal” approach into a step-by-step Diversity and Inclusion strategy to get better results faster.

In this diversity and inclusion workshop you will gain a basic understanding and learn the necessary framework to plan the  Diversity and Inclusion strategy that will meet or exceed your organization’s business goals. We leverage the same approach and tools that leaders use to improve sales, quality and safety to reframe the D&I conversation from “What’s wrong” and “Now what?” to “Here’s how we’re going to do it!”

Workshop Format and Tools

OurOffice D&I Maturity Model™ assessment provides you with your organization’s D&I maturity scores, and the relevant benchmark scores based on our proprietary index of companies who are best-in-class in your industry. Learn more about measuring diversity.

In-class training is delivered by our D&I consultants and leadership expert(s) who provide real-world examples and can address your specific questions drawing from their professional experience.

Facilitated small group discussions provide opportunities to engage, relate the workshop material to your organizational environment, and to hear your peers’ perspectives, inspiring stories and challenging situations that enhance your learning.

OurOffice D&I Playbook is provided to you for taking notes during the diversity and inclusion training workshop as you identify specific learnings and actions applicable to your organization, and provides a roadmap for your actions when you return to the office.

Workshop Topics


• The business case and ROI (Return on Inclusion)

• Definitions and emerging standards

• Global diversity categories and sub-categories


D&I as a part of the strategic planning process

OurOffice Maturity Model™ and benchmarks

D&I Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Toolkit of D&I best practices and resources

Inclusive leadership actions


Your D&I Playbook

Emerging D&I technology solutions

• Putting it all together in an integrated solution

• Engagement beyond HR and D&I Professionals

• Global considerations

Impact for You and Your Organization from the Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

You gain a new perspective about managing Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in a System framework, which can be transformative for your growth as an inclusive leader. You also enhance your knowledge of the process steps, best practices and practical tools to take action and lead your organization.

Your organization grows more effective leaders who are better prepared to develop a diverse and inclusive culture. This positions the organization for transformational change, resulting in improved diversity hiring and retention, employee engagement, and alignment of actions to get better results faster from your investments in Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.

Who Should Attend

• Board members and business owners

• CEOs and C-suite executives

• HR and D&I professionals

• Leadership and management consultants

Program Length & Venue

• Program length varies based on the venue, and can be offered in segments

• Offered on campus (joint university programs), on-site at company locations, and at conferences and special events

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