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Studies show diversity and inclusion in the workplace lead to higher financial performance and lower turnover

By incorporating these diversity and inclusion best practices in your organization, you can transform your workplace culture and see better results faster.

D&I Data Measurement

1. Measure What Matters

Depending on the size and phase of your organization, as well as where you are in your journey, you need to decide on the right set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your organization to initiate or accelerate your progress in Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.
OurOffice Analytics provides you with a comprehensive menu of ~50 KPIs to select the right ones for your organization.
OurOffice partners are also available to provide expert consulting, as needed.

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Diversity Data Comparison

2. Compare with Benchmarks

In any change initiative, once you have data on how you are doing, it’s important to know how far you have to go and in which direction. That’s why D&I best practices show that having relevant benchmarks for your industry, geographic region, specific occupations, and other key factors is critical.
OurOffice Analytics provides the most relevant benchmarks for all your diversity and inclusion data from public sources and based on OurOffice proprietary Index of best-in-class companies across various industries.

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D&I Data Drill Down

3. Drill Down

Inclusion and Belonging happen every day at the local level. Even at a small company with a few hundred employees, teams that work in different areas or different tasks, often report very different cultural experiences. So you need to gain insight to the local level to understand where things are going well and where there may be challenges.
OurOffice D&I Assistant, Dani, helps you drill down into various parts of your organization with a few clicks to see where you need to focus your diversity and inclusion initiatives most.

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4. Define and Align

As with any change initiative, specific, strategic objectives must be defined in order to identify and align the right actions. Otherwise, individuals and various parts of the organization will interpret the broad initiative in their own way and, at best, small progress may be made in several areas, but significant progress will likely remain elusive.
OurOffice Planning makes following this diversity and inclusion best practice easy by providing a central space for defining specific enterprise objectives and driving daily and weekly micro-actions. Suggestions are also made available in a list of Actions You Can Take.

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Share D&I Experiences

5. Share Ideas and Experiences

Sharing is proven to increase empathy, which leads to inclusion and feelings of belonging. Leaders who engage personally in sharing, and also show the willingness to listen and learn from their team’s ideas and experiences, are often the most inclusive and effective leaders.
OurOffice Stories provides a safe uncluttered space for all team members to share their ideas and experiences, anonymously if they prefer. Aggregate analytics can also help provide feedback on cultural gaps and needs that may not be evident to leaders.

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Drive D&I Objectives

6. Engage Everyone

Low employee engagement correlates with low morale and less than optimal performance, and is one of the key issues many organizations face today. Research shows that a sense of togetherness and transparency in the organization often leads to higher employee engagement. Leaders must find ways to connect authentically and engage their team members in order to achieve higher levels of innovation and performance.
OurOffice Stories provides space for organizational transparency, not only for those who are willing to share, but also those who are only interested in browsing or occasionally responding to ideas and experiences that are shared by others.

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7. Promote Peer Sharing

To accelerate progress and also save time and money, which are often limited, collaboration and sharing of best practices and resources by peers are critical. Organizations also lose momentum when a key player leaves the organization, without a central repository for the corporate knowledge and tools and solutions developed by them.
OurOffice Toolkit is a self-serve central hub for peer-sharing of best practices and resources in your organization, and accessing vetted solutions and tools recommended by OurOffice.

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Ideas to Improve D&I

8. Take Micro-actions

The key to getting results from your diversity and inclusion initiatives is action! To get better results faster, consistent action by all key leaders and stakeholders is essential. Often individuals envision only big bold actions, especially in regards to D&I. Research shows that often it is the big bold action, but follow through with many small consistent actions, or micro-actions, by many that determine the ultimate outcome.
OurOffice Planning provides a space called My Actions, to plan and complete individual actions, as well as a list of suggested micro-actions to inspire new actions.

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