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Featured By Industry Leaders

Featured in the 2019 “Diversity and Inclusion Technology Report”

“OurOffice enables users to see the link between D&I and business and financial KPIs and quantify the D&I business case.”

Highlighted in the 2020 Deloitte “Diversity and Inclusion Solutions: Vendor Profiles”

“OurOffice offers an integrated approach to managing an inclusive workplace with D&I as a Service package.”

Your Return on Inclusion (ROI)

Diverse & inclusive companies report



Return on every dollar spent on D&I

D&I Drives Better Results


More likely to achieve better results



More likely to be innovative



More likely to retain millennials

How Does D&I as a Service Work?

We give you a D&I Manager who helps you assess, plan, and build an inclusive workplace culture.

Your D&I Manager

5+ years D&I experience

including D&I analytics and change management process

Diversity Data Comparison


OurOffice D&I maturity model, employee experience survey, and 50 pre-defined KPIs enable us to assess gaps and achieve early wins.

Drive D&I Objectives

Guidance and Support

Unlimited guidance and support to you and your employees available by phone, video or email. Consider us an extension of your team.

Share D&I Experiences

D&I Plan

We work with you and your leadership team to craft a tailored D&I Plan that will fit your business and help you reach your D&I objectives.

D&I Best Practice Recommendations

Inclusive Behaviors

We track your D&I KPIs and employees engagement to give you real-time visibility and insights, and drive inclusive behaviors.

What Our Customers Say

AM General CEO, Andy Hove

“We found OurOffice to be the right solution to help us share information, as well as have meaningful analytics and tools to measure progress and continue to drive change.”

The Jemmstone Group COO, Brett Terry

“We’re committed to D&I and wanted to put a solid plan in place early on. OurOffice was the perfect partner to educate us and help us get a great start efficiently and affordably.”

Diversity in the workplace


Hover over a state to see participation of women in executive, managerial and the total workforce per EEOC data

Visit this site on desktop to see data from all states on an interactive map!

Ready to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Whether your organization is ready to improve workplace diversity management or you’re an individual consultant, manager, or HR professional looking to make a difference, the OurOffice diversity and inclusion software and services are here to help. Plus, check out diversity in the workplace articles over on our blog.



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