Diversity and Inclusion Maturity Model TM

About the Maturity Model

The OurOffice Maturity Model TM is a diversity and inclusion assessment tool that allows you to measure your organization’s capabilities, processes and readiness along four key dimensions of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. The diversity and inclusion assessment addresses a key issue faced by most organizations, which is knowing what to measure and why.


The OurOffice Maturity Model TM then provides diversity benchmarking for your organization, comparing your scores to our proprietary index of companies who are best-in-class in your industry. This helps to not only identify where you need to focus your improvement efforts, but also where you already have a  differentiation and branding advantage.

Strategy & Commitment

• Strategy

• Infrastructure

• Accountability

Talent Diversity

• Training & Development

• Recruiting Diversity

• Succession Planning

• Leadership Diversity

Board Diversity

Workplace Inclusivity

• Inclusivity & Belonging

• Parental Leave

• Family Care

• Work Flexibility

• Safe Workplace

• Mentorship

Organizational Engagement

• Advocacy

• Communications

• Employee Engagement

• Employee Dedication

• Employee Endorsement

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