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We know first hand how hard it is to implement an effective Diversity and Inclusion strategy that is linked with your business objectives and delivers results.

That’s why we have partnered with experienced management, HR and diversity and inclusion consultants who are available across the US and globally to help build on your vision, and support you throughout your D&I journey.

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Below are the key areas where we can help

Please let us know if there is an area of interest that is not listed below, and chances are we can help you find the right partner.

• Translate your D&I vision into strategic objectives

• Define the business case for D&I, linked with the business drivers

• Develop an effective organizational approach to D&I

• Identify your D&I business process and roadmap

• Select the right Key Performance Indicators for your strategic objectives

• Ensure full engagement with launch and implementation of OurOffice platform

• Design your D&I communications campaign, PR and branding for maximum effect

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OurOffice partners help you make best use of all the data and capabilities on the platform to get better results faster from your D&I efforts and investments.

Are you a diversity and inclusion consultant or expert ready to help other organizations grow their D&I? Apply to become an OurOffice Partner today.

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