Consult with an Advisor

Gain valuable insights tailored to your needs that can lead to improved financial performance, innovation, reputation, hiring, employee retention and engagement. 

DEI workshops

In our diversity and inclusion workshops you will gain a basic understanding and learn the necessary framework to plan your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy that will meet or exceed your organization’s business goals

D&I as a service

DIaaS is a turnkey virtual solution for building inclusive workplace cultures in organizations of any size.

D&I Maturity Model

The OurOffice Maturity Model provides a snapshot of the inherent capabilities and maturity of your workplace culture, diversity and inclusion.

Executive Coaching

Business Leaders, HR and D&I Executives benefit from personalized coaching with an experienced professional to help define goals, identify / evaluate opportunities and plan for implementing success strategies.

Diversity Recruiting

With our unique focus and commitment to diversity, and time invested to understand your requirements, we identify and recruit hard to find C-suite and middle management candidate to meet your objectives.

Unconscious Bias Training

Gain an understanding of how implicit bias shapes our perspectives and interactions and ways to mitigate personal and organizational biases.

DEI Branding

Flexible and affordable packages to establish your branding identity, develop a positioning statement and the associate media including brochures, your website and social media.

Pay Equity Assessment

Find out where your company stands and receive actionable recommendations to make more informed decisions with regards to Pay Equity and to be in compliance