Diversity and Inclusion Certification

A diversity and inclusion certification is often one more step in a company’s willingness to make a commitment to a prescribed set of policies, processes, goals and behaviors defined by the certifier. It often involves going through a defined process, submitting the required information, and paying a fee for the period of certification.

OurOffice recommends leaders consider a diversity certificate from the first aggregated list of such certifications below, which we consider to be effective and beneficial for organizations. We applaud those leaders who have already completed a diversity certification program and encourage others to seriously consider it as well.

Year started: 2009

Number of participants: 200

Industries: All

Location: Zug, Switzerland

Equal Salary-logo

Year started: 2010

Number of participants: 97

Industries: All

Location: Vevey, Switzerland

Year started: 2014

Number of participants: 6

Industries: Consumer Industries

Location: New York, NY

Iceland Equal Pay

Year started: 2018

Number of participants: 90

Industries: All

Location: Iceland


Year started: 2017

Number of participants: 300

Industries: All

Location: Washington, DC

Year started: 1995

Number of participants: 300

Industries: All

Location: Chicago, IL


Year started: 2018

Number of participants: 4

Industries: All

Location: Washington, DC

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