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Diversity and Inclusion Services Powered by Technology
at a Fraction of the Costs

Software Platform

Management and Employee Portal
Analytics, Tools, Action, Engagement


D&I Manager

Initial Assessment and Setup
Monthly Meetings, Listening, Advice

What’s Included


Start or expand your D&I focus with OurOffice All-in-One D&I Package to get better results faster with the essential benefits below for a flat monthly subscription:


Expertise and Guidance

A dedicated D&I Manager to lead or augment your organization’s D&I efforts

Unlimited listening, guidance and advice

Assessment and Planning

Initial Assessment Report on the maturity level of your D&I infrastructure, processes and policies, to baseline where you are

Interviews with leadership to link your D&I objectives with the strategic priorities of your organization

Diversity Plan to capture the key drivers, goals and implementation approach for your workplace culture, diversity and inclusion


Sexual Harassment training that meets your state requirements, augmented by discussion of safe spaces

Unconscious Bias training with focus on a culture of inclusion


• Key Performance Indicators selected from dozens of pre-defined KPIs

Baseline scores and benchmarks * updated monthly

Reports and Resources

Monthly D&I reporting with analytics updates * , summary of  actions, employee engagement

Recommendations, templates and tools

Support to setting up D&I Council and ERG’s (if/when you are ready), and/or support to your current D&I infrastructure to help define and track the progress of your D&I efforts

IBR newsletter for D&I insights, news and more

Employee Portal

• Voice of the employee feature can be turned on to enable sharing of  experiences and ideas, thereby creating a more inclusive workplace, and providing valuable insights and feedback

What Customers Say

D&I As A Service is a great way to get started and/or go further in D&I beyond pledges and the initial commitment phase.
President, Growing Small Business
The initial D&I baseline scores focus the organization on what needs attention most, and saves time and money in getting a D&I program started.
HR VP, Manufacturing Company

Hire a Dedicated D&I Manager at a Fraction of the Costs

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