D&I as a Service

Professional + Process + Platform

Dedicated DEI Professional

An Inclusive Workplace at a Fraction of the Costs

DEI Maturity ModelTM Assessment

Employee Experience Survey

Leadership Interviews

Employee Listening Sessions

12-month DEI Plan (Why, What and How)

Ongoing Guidance and Advice

ACT™ Process

Align, Connect, Transform for Better Results Faster


(2-4 Months)

• Leadership interviews.

• Employee listening sessions.

• Maturity Model survey to assess infrastructure readiness, gaps & opportunities.

• Employee Experience Survey.

DEI Plan developed for review and approval.


(2-3 Months)

Training session for early adopters.

Internal communications to explain why, build excitement.

Culture App (AKA Employee Portal) launch and engagement by early adopters.

Phased expansion to all employees by opt-in.



Select Key Performance Indicators per DEI plan.

Populate Management Portal with employee/applicant data.

• Invite leaders and champions to the Management Portal.

• Monthly reporting, assessment of progress to DEI Plan.

• Track, adjust, get results!

Technology Platform

Analytics, Actions and Resources at Your Fingertips

Employee Portal (AKA Culture App)

OurOffice New Stories Large screenshot

Employees browse, share, engage.

Leaders 24/7 visibility, real-time insight.

Empathy, inclusive behaviors increase.

Management Portal


DEI Objectives drive actions.

Analytics for gaps, tracking progress.

Central hub for everything you need.

Your Gateway to the DEI Ecosystem

Much More Than Software Technology

Hire a Dedicated D&I Manager at a Fraction of the Costs

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