All-Inclusive D&I Package

Building a diverse and inclusive culture is no longer a nice-to have! The risks of doing nothing, and the documented benefits of improving Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in your organization are simply too great to dismiss. Consider the following:


  • EPLI (1) claims are up 400% over the last 20 years and over 40% of them involve organizations with less than 100 employees!


  • Organizations that are diverse and inclusive benefit from: 
    • 8 x better business outcomes
    • 6 x more innovation
    • 3 x higher likelihood of retaining millennials 


Instead of spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to start or expand your D&I program, sign up for the OurOffice All-in-One D&I Package to get better results faster with the eight (8) essential benefits below for a flat monthly subscription at a faction of the typical costs: 


  1. Staffing — A dedicated D&I officer to lead or augment your organization’s D&I efforts
  2. Strategy — A D&I strategy session led by your dedicated D&I officer to plan and link your D&I objectives with the strategic priorities of your organization
  3. Assessment — A comprehensive OurOffice Assessment Report on the maturity level of your D&I infrastructure, processes and policies, to baseline where you are
  4. Benchmark — Best-in-class benchmarks for the maturity level of the D&I infrastructure, processes and policies in your industry, to identify your key gaps and opportunities
  5. Plan — A planning session to select the right D&I analytics for your organization, followed by monthly OurOffice D&I reports on your selected analytics
  6. Structure — Assessment of your current and desired future structure that may include setting up/supporting your D&I Council and ERG’s (if/when you are ready), and/or support to your current D&I infrastructure to help define and track the progress of your D&I efforts
  7. IBR — The OurOffice Inclusive Business Review (IBR) delivered monthly to keep your leadership team informed of analytics highlights, D&I actions, relevant news, and more
  8. Guidance — Unlimited expert D&I guidance to your whole organization


1) EPLI = Employee Practices Liability Insurance

2) ERG = Employee Resource Group

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