New realities for the Modern Workplace



OurOffice CEO, Sonya Sepahban joined Tapestry Network’s Compensation Committee Leadership Network (CCLN) as an invited guest on June 21, 2021 to discuss New Realities of the Modern Workplace. The Roundtable is composed of Compensation Chairs of Corporate Board of Directors and was moderated by Marsha Ershaghi of Tapestry. Michael Bramnick, senior vice president–corporate affairs, chief of staff, and chief compliance officer at NRG Energy, was the other invited guest.

CCLN - Summary of Themes - June 2021

The key themes that are further discussed in the thought piece below are as follows:

  1. Companies are assessing workplace models for the post-pandemic future.
  2. A tight labor market empowers employees to ask more of their employers.
  3. Greater expectations for DEI offer opportunities and raise questions.
  4. Measuring DEI performance and linking it to compensation remains a challenge.
  5. Directors want boards to drive DEI initiatives and results.