A Partnership to Grow the Next Generation of DEI Professionals

OurOffice is delighted to announce our partnership with a major university to offer a first-of-its-kind fellowship program with a huge impact on workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).


We will leverage the OurOffice expertise, proven process, and technology platform to build inclusive workplaces, while also training the next generation of DEI professionals and leaders with university graduate students and active DEI Managers who are interested in their professional development.


Join OurOffice CEO, Sonya Sepahban and Dr. Tonya Matthews, Associate Provost for Inclusive Workforce Development at Wayne State University for an Information Session at noon PST, 3 pm EST on January 19th.

A Triple Win

"We intend to replicate this through similar programs at other major universities. It's a great triple win solution for:

  • Organizations to build inclusive workplaces
  • Next generation of DEI leaders and champions to get hands-on training
  • Communities to benefit where these students and organizations live and operate."

- said Sonya Sepahban

How It Works

Accompanied by a WSU graduate student in this case, OurOffice provides our proven D&I as a Service process powered by:

  • Technology platform
  • Expert DEI Manager 

Registered Organizations receive the benefit of 2 resources by paying the D&I as a Service annual subscription, and develop the next generation of DEI professionals. Later, they can also hire the student directly, if they decide to have a trained, in-house resource, and/or they can continue with D&I as a Service.

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