Exploring STEM with Generation Z

See OurOffice CEO, Sonya Sepahban, having great fun talking with Serena Ding and members of StudentPort, a community of 1500 Gen Z'ers leading 200+ student organizations worldwide! 

The youngest in the audience was Justin, a 10-year old who wants to be a NASA scientist. There were many insightful questions and comments that followed in the Q&A session. One that she highlighted is Mackenzie Madsen's question. She asked what she could do to help build a more inclusive world. Sonya’s response to MacKenzie and all GenZ’ers:

  • Beware of your own unconscious bias and catch yourself making assumptions and decisions without objective evidence or data
  • Speak up and help others recognize their own bias or behavior that may not be equitable or inclusive.

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Watch the whole conversation in the video below.

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