November 2020

Inclusive Business Review

Your Inclusive Business Review (IBR) has a new look and feel. We aim to:

  • Inform and delight you with a variety of news and articles through a lens of workplace culture, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).
  • Provide new insights and actionable solutions to practitioners of DEI and workplace culture.
  • Engage a broader community of DEI champions and allies.

This new format is also intended for sharing with your friends and colleagues who may be building their own inclusive workplaces. Please write us at to share your feedback.

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Sonya Sepahban
CEO and Co-Founder OurOffice, Inc.
OurOffice, Inc.
"Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness.
It is the key to growth."
- Jesse Jackson, Politician and Civil Rights Activist.

The Future of Work

The "Future of Work" community of HR and DEI thought leaders has been hard at work. We have learned and shared a lot more than we could imagine through 20 Roundtables this year!

To lean more about the Future of Work community, please click the link below. Membership is completely free of charge for those who qualify, and also gives you access to the Culture App to stay connected for 24/7 sharing and browsing in a safe environment.


How to Build a Diverse and Inclusive Brand?


What Employees Can Do for Equity and Justice in Their Workplace.


Business and Economics

California Pay Data Reporting SB 973 Signed Into Law

In an effort to "more efficiently identify wage patterns and allow for targeted enforcement of equal pay or discrimination laws," California passed SB 973 which mirrors the expanded EEOC requirements that were put on hold in early 2017. While this bill is better defined than the failed one introduced a year earlier, some uncertainty remains regarding the specifics with little time left before the first required reporting date of March 31, 2021. Organizations across the US are watching carefully and wondering if their state will be next to enact similar laws.

How to Get Promoted When Working From Home

During these challenging times, many of us are confined to our homes, working, schooling our kids, relaxing and trying to enjoy life, all in the same place. While we are all developing skills to manage everything, for those who are looking for that next promotion, there is an added challenge. Check this article for insights on how to improve your chances of career advancement while working from home. Hint: the secret lays in the magic of communications.

US News

Reflecting America's Diversity in Corporate America

"People of color make up nearly 40 percent of the U.S. population, but that’s not reflected in House, Senate, and committee offices where the laws that affect all Americans are created. We see the same lack of diversity and representation echoed in business boardrooms and executive offices in corporate America," according to Senator CATHERINE CORTEZ MASTO. This is why she introduced the "Diversity in Corporate Leadership Act to help level the playing field in corporate America by increasing transparency and promoting diversity." It will be interesting to observe the reaction and progress of this Act across Corporate America. Will some adopt the essence of the Act voluntarily or try to resist it as long as possible? Write us to share your thoughts.

Jason Wright to be the First Black President in the NFL.

“It’s a talent game. You find the right person with the unique skill set for the set of plays that you want to run in that game against the defense that you’re playing,” said Jason Wright, the first black team president in the NFL. This type of thinking is a fresh perspective that is much needed everywhere. While Jason's challenge is particularly difficult with the team name change and the ongoing allegations of sexual harassment, he certainly has the credentials with his background in the NFL and impressive education and work experience. His stated focus on a "community-based process" to include inputs from the fans, players and sponsors seems to be a great start and may prove to be an excellent model for others.


Around the World

European Union lawmakers Debate Ethnic Minorities' Rights and Protections

The European Parliament discussed the topic of minority languages and cultures that are spread across the continent. The discussion started after the "Minority SafePack registered more than 1.3 million signatures in April 2018." The aim is for minorities to have the right to their own languages and education and removing geoblocking to allow them to have online content in their mother tongue.

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The key learnings in this interactive webinar include:
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During the webinar you will have the opportunity to reflect on how the learnings may apply to your organization and start developing your own DEI Plan of action. Webinar attendees will also receive a link to download the just-released e-book: "Your Step-By-Step Guide To Building An Inclusive Workplace Culture."



Monthly Micro-Action

Micro-actions are are small everyday actions that when adopted broadly can make a big difference. We share these once a month in a numbered series. For those shared in previous IBR's please see the OurOffice micro-actions page.

In the Spotlight


Rahaf Alfaraj - OurOffice Intern

I am a 23-year old graduate of Princess Nora University in Saudi Arabia. I studied languages and translation. I realized that I love helping people reach their goals and making a change, even if it is as small as a nudge in the right direction. So I chose a career in HR and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) because I needed a different perspective on life and the world around me. I was matched with OurOffice by virtual Internships, and I believe it’s a perfect fit. I felt included since the first meeting with the CEO, Sonya Sepahban, at the beginning of the internship. I am hoping that when I leave, the OurOffice team will remember me fondly for my work. It is a great privilege to work with the OurOffice team.

Rahaf’s Inclusive Tip: Notice your actions and be more intentional about them; try to be more inclusive and aware of the people around you.

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