Culture App

The OurOffice Culture App is “Where Culture Happens”.

All organizations are experiencing a "new normal” with challenges of “Working from Home” and social distancing on the frontlines. The OurOffice Culture App is a safe platform that is internal to your organization, where employees can opt in and start browsing and sharing their experiences. The sense of connection and belonging grows as team members react and reply to each other. Leaders can get insights and real-time visibility to voice of their employees, and also engage as directly.

Benefits of the Culture App


For Leaders:

  • Connect and Engage Directly With All Employees
  • Get Real-Time Insights into Their Employee Experience

For Employees:

  • Get Informed About News and Resources
  • Feel Connected with Your Workplace
  • Share Your Voice About Your Experience

To Support Business During this Crisis

We are offering the OurOffice Culture App for free through the remainder of 2020. Contact us today and start connecting and understanding your employees better


The OurOffice Culture App is Where Culture Happens

The COVID-19 crisis is redefining the way organizations operate, making effective communication and collaboration between remote teams more important than ever. Leaders are now tasked with helping employees adapt to this new work from home reality, stay focused, and maintain a positive attitude.

This starts with employees feeling informed and having an outlet to voice their experiences. Leaders must provide resources so that each employee feels connected and knows they are an important part of the organization.

Leaders themselves need to connect and engage directly with all employees on every level. This is not only to get insights into each employee’s experience and level of engagement, but to understand what makes the overall organizational culture work and how to optimize it.

"Moments that matter in the employee experience context are points in time when an employee feels strong or meaningful emotions, either positive or negative, that they will easily remember," said David Johnson, principal analyst in employee experience at Forrester Research.

"Moments that matter cause workers to think and behave differently in important ways. These moments affect employees' willingness to fully engage in their work, collaborate with others effectively, communicate with others honestly or commit to stay at their company for the future," Johnson states.

The OurOffice Culture App Gives you Unparalleled Insights

The right metrics are an essential part of understanding the trends in your workplace culture. They are the only reliable way to know if your culture improvement efforts are working, or to see how your workplace culture is changing. Analytics are also the most tangible way in which you can report back on this journey to others.

Why understanding the experiences of your remote workers and your workplace culture matters?

Remote work can cause teams to become disconnected, or it can be attractive because it offers flexibility, allows employees to achieve better work-life balance, and reduces your fixed costs. Research shows that working remotely can increase productivity by 13%. A sudden switch to remote working because of a global pandemic, however, might prove to be a challenging transition.

You should act quickly to measure whatever makes the most sense for your organizational success and the wellbeing of your employees.

When you can respond quickly to critical feedback you ensure that your staff feels heard and supported but, more importantly, that you can address issues that might disrupt daily tasks and impact productivity. This is particularly important, when it comes to enabling remote workers. Say you receive feedback that your online meetings are not productive or take too much time, this gives you the opportunity to adjust your agenda and/or the structure of the meetings in real-time.

More specifically, collecting data about your employee experience over longer periods of time will allow you to uncover trends, identify issues with your workflow, and learn what makes your employees feel happier, inspired and more effective.

In times of crisis, such as the one we are currently experiencing, the decisions you make to support your employees while working from home, and also on the frontline, will be critically important to your employees’ wellness,  which in turn affects their productivity and your business performance long after this crisis period is over.