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OurOffice empowers you to transform your workplace with the first business platform for measuring and managing Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). Get better results faster with this comprehensive, flexible and adaptable solution.

Users are leaders like you: CEOs, C-suite executives, business leaders, first-line supervisors, HR professionals, D&I champions, management and D&I consultants. You can find out more about OurOffice and the emerging new product category of D&I Technology in the report published by RedThread Research and Mercer.

OurOffice Analytics

Comprehensive analytics and diversity benchmarks

Quickly gain insights into your key D&I gaps with menu of ~50 measures and relevant benchmarks.

“OurOffice Analytics shows us where we actually made progress [in D&I], and where we still have work to do, focusing our time and money.”CHRO, Defense Company

OurOffice Planning

Create alignment and drive action

Drive engagement and align D&I actions across the enterprise by defining the key strategic objectives.

“OurOffice is a system tool to link your D&I strategy, activities and data. It allows us to scale as we go.”
CHRO, Global Provider of Mission Critical Solutions

OurOffice Toolkit

Ready access to resources and recommendations

Improve communications and efficiency with self-serve hub of best practices and resources and vetted recommendations.

“Having a one-stop shop for all we’re doing is incredibly helpful and will save us a lot of time and money.”
Director of Employee Experience, Late-stage Startup

OurOffice Stories

Share ideas and experiences

Sharing D&I experiences and ideas increases empathy, spreads inclusivity, helps belonging.

“Stories are incredibly helpful for our onboarding program, both to stay connected to our new hires, and also for company branding with our employees, starting on Day One.”
CHRO, Manufacturing Company

Data Privacy and Security at OurOffice


Data Privacy and Security is critically important to us. OurOffice is a secure platform using AWS industry standard for data and application encryption. Your personal and/or identifiable organizational information are never shared.

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