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OurOffice empowers you to transform your workplace with the first business platform for measuring and managing Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). Get better results faster with this comprehensive, flexible and adaptable Diversity and Inclusion software.


Users are leaders like you: CEOs, C-suite executives, business leaders, first-line supervisors, HR professionals, D&I champions, management and D&I consultants. You can find out more about OurOffice and the emerging new product category of D&I Technology in the report published by RedThread Research and Mercer.



Create alignment and drive action


With OurOffice Planning TM, you can clearly define and communicate specific enterprise objectives to drive action throughout the organization. No more wondering what you can do to contribute to D&I objectives. Leaders and stakeholders can access our experts’ suggested actions to plan and track their own.



Share ideas and experiences


OurOffice Stories TM is for sharing experiences, which has proven to be one of the most effective ways to increase empathy and drive inclusivity in the workplace. Stories can also provide an overall sense of togetherness, and serve as a source of new solutions.



Comprehensive analytics and diversity benchmarks


In OurOffice Analytics TM, you can visualize your diversity data with just a few clicks, selecting from a comprehensive menu of about 50 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in categories like Representation, Employee Growth, and Hiring. Gaining deeper insight takes no time with easy drill downs and relevant diversity benchmarks at your fingertips.



Ready access to resources and recommendations


OurOffice Toolkit TM is your central hub for organizing, managing and sharing all your resources. No more Googling on your own for the right tool or a solution that works for you. OurOffice provides targeted Diversity and Inclusion best practices, vetted resources and proven solutions.

Data Privacy and Security at OurOffice


Data Privacy and Security is critically important to us. OurOffice is a secure platform using AWS industry standard for data and application encryption. Your personal and/or identifiable organizational information are never shared.

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