Inclusively For CEOs and Board Members

The OurOffice team is pleased to announce a first-of-its-kind Coaching/Advisory offering for Board members and CEOs who aspire to grow and be the most authentic and inclusive versions of themselves as leaders.

Personal Coaching, Expert Advice, Amazing Results 

Of all executive perks that I was awarded during my corporate career, the one that I found most beneficial is the personal coaching I was offered when I was promoted to Vice President. In my late thirties, I found myself to be the youngest VP among a group of executives that I had long regarded as mentors and superiors. I was thankful to be offered any and all tools to do the best job I could possibly do in serving our customers, as well as my team and other internal stakeholders. The journey that followed was nothing short of extraordinary and made a profound mark on my development as a leader.

As I advanced to more senior levels in my career, I stayed in touch with my coach who has become a good personal friend, and our conversations grew to become more advisory in nature. I recognize today that I was privileged to have a coaching experience and fortunate that it naturally grew towards an advisory relationship. 

Many leaders have an opportunity to benefit from personalized coaching with an experienced professional to help define goals, identify / evaluate opportunities and plan for implementing success strategies. The result is an enhanced ability to leverage existing strengths and see real results in communications and performance. That’s why leaders like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and many others are fans of coaching!

The Benefits

  • Complete DEI Coaching / Advisory Services to Meet All Your Needs -- In the tradition of our founding principles, we strive to provide complete solutions that facilitate inclusive leadership in all of our offerings. For mature and accomplished leaders, this often translates into a combination of coaching and advisory services to meet their needs as they strive to grow and position themselves as thought leaders in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

  • Best Results Faster -- The O2 leadership team includes CEOs and business leaders who appreciate the time constraints of busy leaders. We pride ourselves in our ability to leverage our internal team’s insights to design turnkey solutions that are highly customizable, efficient and effective for busy leaders, leading to achieving better results faster.

  • Deep Expertise with Exclusive Focus on DEI -- DEI is all that we do at OurOffice. We do not distract ourselves with general leadership development or management consulting services. This allows us to maintain deep expertise and stay on the leading edge of the emerging DEI market with our team of DEI experts and advisors in OurOffice DEI Institute. Leaders who choose to take advantage of our offerings can be sure to get access to deep expertise with exclusive focus on DEI.

  • Access to Experts with Highly Relevant Experience -- With OurOffice customized coaching / advisory services you get access to recognized experts who have deep DEI and/or coaching experience in organizations that are similar to your own. Many have specialized certifications, have been recognized for their expertise, or awarded for their leadership. This means they have highly relevant real-life experience that you can take advantage of and apply directly and readily.

Coaching Dedicated to Building Inclusive Workplaces

  • Phased Structure - To meet the needs of a mature and accomplished leader, who is already well-versed in the basic foundation of DEI and may be practicing elements of it, we have structured a phased program consisting of three (3) separate, but interconnected modules: The Building Blocks, The Inclusive Leader Growth, and DEI Thought Leadership, which are further described below. 
  • Combined Coaching / Advisory Services - Our approach combines the best of coaching and advisory services. It starts with traditional coaching services, focused on confirming a solid foundation in DEI language and concepts, and your own growth with respect to your personal goals and aspirations, and evolves towards an advisory role, where you are able to bounce off ideas, prioritize actions, and establish a position of thought leadership in your industry.
  • Uniquely Relevant Expertise  - The OurOffice coaching / advisory professionals have uniquely relevant experience, having served in key business and/or HR and DEI roles. This approach is consistent with what has made coaches such as Bill Campbell highly effective (and in his case, legendary, due to his coaching roles with leaders at companies like Apple and Google). We also assign our coaching / advisory staff based on their skills and experience across the three (3) phases of the program.

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