Take a Diversity Pledge


Taking a pledge to advance Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is one of the few broadly available and visible actions leaders and their organizations can take to voice their commitment and signal their willingness to collaborate in this regard.


OurOffice is proud to encourage leaders to consider taking one or more of the diversity pledges from the first aggregated list of the key pledges available below, and we applaud those leaders who already have.

Year started: 2017

Number of participants: 700

Industries: All

Location: New York, NY

Year started: 2018

Number of participants: 127

Industries: Insurance

Location: London, UK


Year started: 2016

Number of participants: 105

Industries: All

Location: New York, NY


Year started: 2017

Number of participants: 270

Industries: All

Location: San Francisco, CA

Year started: 2019

Number of participants: 69

Industries: Information Technology and Services, Internet, Computer Software, Venture Capital & Private Equity

Location: Austin, TX

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