This is a time of the year when we each tend to get busy with our own version of the holidays. So we are sharing a few tips with you for an inclusive and even happier holiday season! Take interest in all celebrations While Christmas symbols and...2

Why employee surveys are not enough - The latest buzz words at HR conferences this year are employee experience, and more specifically, “employee voice” as experts and respected analysts like Josh Bersin have coined it. “What most companies want to know, is what their employees...2

They say “Diversity is a Fact, Inclusion is an Act.” Think about it. We typically have a list of actions, when we focus on increasing sales, expanding margins, building a culture of safety, or improving quality. We also insist on everyone accepting personal responsibility and...2

An aging workforce, shrinking immigration, and decline in STEM interest have been contributing to a widening gap between the demand and supply of STEM workforce in the US. In the manufacturing sector alone, Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute estimate that 53 out of 100 jobs...2

The “American Dream” is evoked often in the social and political rhetoric of the day. My own story is a story of living that dream (more on that later). But the Tech industry’s equity gap, when it comes to diversity groups, is one of the...2

A quarter century after the US Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) passed, paying employees for the leave that the FMLA grants them, finally appears to be rising in our country’s social and political consciousness. The next question, which is certain to be hotly debated, is...2

When Walmart informed their top 100 law firms back in June 2005 that they would end or limit their relationship if they “failed to demonstrate a meaningful interest in the importance of diversity,” many firms took notice. Few months later, Walmart reported their initiative had...2