The Hispanic Heritage Month is here again! If you are thinking of dusting off and repeating the same celebration ideas, think again! Your employees, customers, suppliers, and all key stakeholders expect authenticity and real action that builds meaningful relationships with their community. First, let's discuss some...2

Many organizations understand that a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace are critical for creating a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent and how the communities they serve perceive their brand. Our blog post in October 2020 provided Six Tips for Attracting and Hiring Diverse...2

Almost all of the core HR functions have been impacted in one way or another by the events of 2020. HR leaders have had to flex, evolve and transform to manage the workforce within the constraints of a global pandemic, and to address issues and...2

In observance of the Hispanic Heritage Month, we want to highlight this celebration's history, the controversy surrounding the descriptive name for individuals with Latin American heritage, assumptions, facts, and ways to celebrate Hispanic/Latino/Latinx Heritage Month in your organization. The Hispanic Heritage Month celebration spans from September...2